Substract of the synchronous hackathon

I write this post in english because today I feel that is a good day to improve my english, you may see it is really broken, but I feel that it is understandable :P

The other reason is due a mail I sent in hackerspaces mailing list explaining a substract of the synchronous hackathon held this past weekend. Barcelona Hackerspace was one of the twelve hackerspaces that joined to this synchronous hackathon, 3 days at full with our projects. A good way to start our new project, barcelona hackerspaces and his clans.

Here you have:
Here in Barcelona we started at 20:00 (GMT+1) friday and ended 22:00
(GMT+1) sunday.

The recorded place, sorry for our bad brandwith, was la carboneria,
were we passed allmost time, but also we worked in other place, la

our hackathon was based on workly weekend. Mainly we assembled new
machines with the technological rubbish. Also we have fix the antenna
that offers internet access to la rimaia with project. The
biggest citizens wired network in the world with 8500 active nodes and
3000 projected.

the hackathon was a place to go the past weekend and visit us people
from whole barcelona and girona.

during the hackathon, people from the squatted building la carboneria,
painted the main wall with a big tree with the roots fixed to ground.

we putted also a pannels about free to p2p sharing and visit us a 6
months listener from our radio, aptitudefm.

we closed the hackathon with the radio program in contrabanda FM’s studio.

I wish you have enjoyed like us! which is the next one? :D

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